Living in the 21st century, in 2019 more than ever, everyone can agree that technology is what most people’s lives revolve around. For many, their job solely focuses on multimedia, social media, and technology. With the adaptation of living in a technological world, we are also provided more opportunities than ever to live safer and protect our families in ways that were never previously possible. Smart home technology is an investment but is something that is worth it in the long run and will help you sleep better at night. Check out some of our favorite pieces of smart home technology that will improve you and your family’s every day living immensely:

  • SkyBell HD Doorbell. Imagine being able to know exactly who is at your door, all the time, simply through your WiFi connection and an app on your smartphone? With SkyBell, this is made possible! This doorbell offers free cloud recording, gives motion sensor alerts, and is completely weather and rain proof! Not to mention, you can easily install this doorbell yourself and purchase one based on your style, as it is available in silver or oil-rubbed bronze. With this smart doorbell, you can see, hear and speak to your visitors all through your phone.
  • Nest Learning Thermostat. With this smart thermostat, you are not only saving money and energy but also creating a comfortable environment for you depending on what time of day it is. Do you prefer to have the house colder at night, and warmer in the morning? With Nest Learning Thermostat, it will adapt as the seasons changed and actually learn what your preferred temperatures are. And, even better, it will sense when you are at work or gone from the home, and immediately enter eco-mode. Reduce bills and save energy simultaneously!
  • NEXX Garage NXG-100b Smart WiFi Garage Opener. This smart garage opener is compatible with Google’s Alexa as well as Google Assistant, and allows for you to open and close your garage door through your mobile app! With a WiFi connection, you can tap on your mobile app and activate the garage door opener, as well as authorize people to access your garage at any time of day. If you are not home, through this smart garage door opener, you can also open and close the door to allow guests to enter. Talk about convenience!