When it comes to your kitchen, there are so many kitchen utensils, pots and pans, and food items, that it can become difficult to keep everything organized consistently. Everyone feels better about their daily tasks when items are stored neatly and are easy to find. Here are a few of our favorite, unique ways to organize your kitchen to make your life easier on a daily basis!

Label. Whether you are storing bulk items such as flour or sugar, or you are storing a vast amount of spices, label everything. By labeling these items, you will be able to easily spot the item that you need while you’re cooking or baking.

Buy large Tupperware. By utilizing Tupperware, you can easily stack products on top of each other and allow for more space in the kitchen. Tupperware is a perfect place to store your white and brown sugar, flour, and anything else that you may use regularly in the kitchen!

Install a Lazy Susan. If you don’t already have a Lazy Susan, or multiple, in your kitchen, now is the time to install one! By storing products on Lazy Susans, you can quickly and efficiently grab what you need. Lazy Susans are also a great way to organize different types of products.

Use magazine plastic holders. For all of your plastic wrap and saran wrap, purchase some magazine holders that you can easily store them in! Magazine holders come in a variety of colors, so you can easily find one that will match the color scheme of your kitchen. By storing these items in holders, they will also be readily available when you need them.

Install hooks and towel holders. By hanging hooks and towel holders on the wall, you can open some counter and cabinet space! You can hang pots and pans as well as mugs and other kitchen utensils from the wall, which is also very aesthetically pleasing!