It can be difficult during the winter months to keep the creativity flowing in terms of what there is to do indoors. And, after a few days in the house during a winter storm, everyone can get a little stir crazy! Here are some fun ideas for you and the family that you can enjoy during the cold, dreary days where you can’t, or just don’t feel like leaving your home: 

  • Baking. Whether you are alone or with your family, baking is always a good idea. It is a fun way to perfect a recipe that you have been working on or to experiment with something new! Not to mention, if you have kids, decorating cakes, cupcakes and brownies is always a fun – and delicious – experience.
  • Board Games. Playing games is ALWAYS a good idea, regardless of the weather. But, during the winter months board games are a great use of time. Pull out some of your favorite classic games or purchase some new games to try out with the family. 
  • Movie Day. Pull out all your coziest blankets and pillows and get the family ready for a movie day! It is rare that everyone gets the opportunity to sit back and relax while enjoying some favorite snacks and great movies – so take advantage of the time!