As we get closer to the winter months, it is important that you are fully prepared with all of the winter gear that you will need – including shovels, salt and sand for your walkways and doorsteps as well as all of your necessary winter accessories and snow boots! If you are living in or are familiar with New England, you know first-hand how difficult it can be to prepare for the amount of snow that may be coming, from quick 2-inch dusts of snow to multiple feet of snow! This year, you can avoid the treachery of shoveling your entire driveway and splurge on an outstanding, greatly reviewed snow blower! If this is something of interest but you are not sure what brand snow blower to go with, we have rounded up 3 of our favorites for you to consider: 

  • Husqvarna ST224P Snow Blower. This snow blower is a best-seller on Amazon, and it is for good reason! It is currently one of the best rated snowblowers that is on the market, as it can handle any amount of snow that comes its way. This is a great choice if you have a 2-car driveway, as it will easily be able to fully clear out the snow. It can run properly on grass, gravel as well as concrete. This particular model does not come with power steering, however, there are other models in the same family that offer this if it is something you would like to invest in. 
  • Toro Snowmaster 724 QXE Snow Blower. The price point of this snowblower is unbeatable for the amount of quality that you will get with it. This snowblower can handle smooth surfaces great, such as parking lots, sidewalks or driveways, but is not your best option if you have a lot of gravel around your home that will need snow removed. This snow blower can handle up to 14-inches of snow.
  • Ariens Sno-Tek 920402 Snow Blower. This heavy-duty machine is perfect for bigger storms that cause an immense amount of snow. For under $1,000, this snow blower performs well on mostly any surface, and features a fully electric push-to-start so you can easily start it up and get going!