Today, it is very smart to incorporate media strategies within any sort of business. In the real estate business, for example, it is very easy as well as smart to utilize media to your advantage. There are many ways to reach customers through media strategies, as well as create more publicity for your business, on top of word-of-mouth. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, your first thought will most likely be to “google” your options. But, what other strategies are there, from a media perspective, to buying and/or selling your home? Check out some popular ways to get started:

Hashtags. Whether you are on Facebook or Twitter, do not forget about hashtags! If you are selling a home, research into the most popular hashtags in the real estate industry, as well as in the specific area that you are selling your home. If you are looking to buy a home, you can search hashtags on Facebook or Twitter that are popular in the real estate industry, which may lead you to your dream listing!

Facebook. There are so many opportunities for buying and selling on Facebook. First, if you own a real estate business, make sure to create a reputable page for your business. On this page, you can post your own listings, but also post what is going on in the communities that you are listing in. It is important that people feel genuinely interested in the page, and not that you are simply trying to sell to them. It will also give people a good idea of what is going on in their potential future community and/or neighborhood. Once you create your page, utilize Facebook ads! Look at posts that have done well and promote them. This way, you can boost your posts to a larger audience, and potentially gain more customers. For each of your listings, do video tours so people can get a good idea of the interior of a home. When you are doing showings, if people cannot make it that day or time, go Live on Facebook and showcase the home – you can also answer potential buyers’ questions via Facebook Live!