It is hard to believe that winter is already approaching, but as the days get shorter and chillier, it is coming quicker than many are ready for. It is vital that as the fall weather comes to an end, you make sure that your house is as prepared as possible for the winter months. We have provided an exterior home check list for you to cross-check against your own home to make sure that you are ready for the snowy months: 

  • Landscape. Check out your landscaping and make sure that your trees and shrubs are trimmed appropriately, or if anything is dead that it is cut and removed before the snow hits.
  • Leave clean-up. After some windy fall days, it is important that you ensure that all the leaves on your yard are cleaned up so that they do not affect your grass throughout snow storms. 
  • Clean your gutters. Take a look at all of your gutters and make sure that they are fully and thoroughly cleaned out before the temperatures drop. 

Shut off exterior faucets and store hoses. Walk around the exterior of your home and make sure that all faucets are shut off and that hoses are properly stored away for the winter months.