Home Improvement – Google Nest Learning Thermostat – $199.00

This thermostat is a great gift idea as it works with Alexa and provides so many benefits. With this thermostat, you will be able to auto-schedule temperatures you like, connect it to your WiFi so you can change the temperature through your phone, tablet or laptop and you’re saving energy while you’re at it!

Grilling – BBQ Dragon Charcoal Starter and Grill Lighter – $39.99 

This charcoal starter and grill lighter starts charcoal and fires quickly – it is the fastest way to start charcoals and keep your fires burning strong! This is a great way to begin barbecuing within 10 minutes of turning on this fan, that clips onto the side of your grill. 

Landscaping – Apple Airpods Pro – $249.00 

For that landscaper in your life, there is nothing more convenient than some noise-cancelling headphones. Check out Apple’s Airpod Pro wireless headphones, which are totally noise-cancelling, not to mention super sleek and long-lasting. 

Exercise – TriggerPoint GRID VIBE Plus Four-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller – $74.66

Foam rolling will never be the same once you begin using this four-speed, vibrating foam roller. It is cordless and rechargeable with four different vibration frequencies that are perfect for pain relief, relaxation and recovery.