Now that we are into the month of October, it is officially Halloween season! If you have young kids, you know firsthand how exciting this month is for families. Your kids will be looking forward to Halloween parties, activities in school, dressing up and of course, trick or treating! If you are trying to bump up the festivities within your own home, we have pulled together some fun, easy activities and games that you can play with your kids to get them into the Halloween spirit. Check out some of our favorite ones below: 

  • Toilet paper wrapping. It is one of the classics, but all you will need for this game is a few rolls of toilet paper and you are set to go! Have a person stand tall as the others wrap their full bodies up with toilet paper. Once finished, you will have a couple of mummies on your hands! 
  • Pumpkin patch. Blow up a large amount of orange balloons, which will serve as your homemade pumpkin patch. On your mark, have your kids get ready to stomp as many balloons, or pumpkins, as they can. Whoever pops the most balloons at the end of time is the winner! 
  • Jack O Lantern bag toss. With a piece of wood, you can create your very own Jack o Lantern with holes for the eyes and mouth. Grab a couple bean bags and have your kids compete to see who can throw the most through the holes. 
  • Candy corn guessing game. Fill up a few jars with candy corn straight to the top, and have your kids guess at how many pieces of candy corn they think is in the jar. The winner of this game will be whoever guesses a number that is closest to the total number of candy corns.