One of the best parts of a change of season is all the de-cluttering that comes along with it. A new season is a great way to have a fresh approach on how you organize everything within your home – especially your closet. Closets can easily become messy, disorganized and over-cluttered. If you are looking for a few tips and tricks on how to organize it in prep for spring, we’ve got you covered: 

  • Separate clothing by type. First, separate your clothing by type. Then, once your clothing is separated, sift through to see what you are going to keep, get rid of and/or donate. The best way to get this done is by trying on items or noticing what items you tend to wear the most versus ones that you have not worn for quite some time. 
  • Save space and fold. A great way to save some space in your closet is by folding items that you can. Not only that, but folding items is a great way to be able to see everything at once. And the best part – everything can be folded from socks and underwear to pants and t-shirts.
  • Store shoes effectively. Keeping shoes organized can be a tough task, especially if you have many pairs. Use different storage techniques to make sure all the shoes are in one place – whether you use boxes or shelves.