Did you know that one of the best seasons to shop for a new home is winter? During the winter months, prices on homes can tend to drop to their lowest prices, as families are often more motivated to sell and move into their new home as quickly as possible. While it is a great time financially to purchase a home, a lot of people may be skeptical given the weather and fact that it is more difficult to view the home in its entirety with parts of the home being winterized and a lot of snow covering the grounds. Here are a few great ways to shop for your dream home during the winter months:

As you are preparing to view the home, reach out to the realtor to see if there are any summer, spring or fall photos of the home’s exterior and interior that are available for you to check out. This will help you to see a better image of the outside of the home, especially the yard and landscape. With these photos, you will ensure that there will be no negative surprises once the snow melts and yard is more viewable.

Once you get to a showing of the home, take the opportunity in the winter weather to check how the home holds up during these months. Check for any leaks, any windows that come off as drafty and how the overall lighting of the home is. For example, you may notice that certain rooms are darker than you would normally like during the dreary winter months. If the home has a backyard pool, check with the realtor to see if there is a possibility to extend the closing time frame, that way, when the weather gets warmer, you will be able to make sure the pool is in working condition.

For anything that you are unable to test out during the showing due to the winterization, try to obtain some documentation that spells out what is and is not working, such as the sprinkler systems. You can even try to negotiate in a spring inspection, so that everything is in tip-top condition as the warmer months start to roll in.

As long as you are thorough while viewing the home, and make sure that you have covered off on every aspect of the home, shopping during the winter months can be fun and exciting!