Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, knowing the do’s and don’ts of the renting process is extremely important to ensure that the process is smooth before the tenant moves in, while the tenant is living in the rented space, and after they move out. As a tenant, specifically, you must pay close attention to the rules and regulations set by your landlord to avoid a potential eviction notice. If you have never rented before, you may be unfamiliar with what an eviction notice looks like, or even what causes one! Here are some of the lawful reasons that you can be evicted by your landlord:

  • You are not paying rent on time. You and your landlord will agree upon a date each month where rent is due. While some landlords may be more lenient than others if you must pay late one month, it is important that you are overall very timely and responsible with getting the check in their hands before or on the day agreed upon. By not paying rent on time, or skipping payments all together, you run the risk of eviction.
  • You have pets that are not allowed. If the contract outlines that dogs or cats are not allowed in the space, you must abide by that. By owning a dog or cat without your landlord’s permission, you run the risk of extra damage, animal fur/dander buildup and unhappy neighbors. Check with your landlord before allowing a pet into your home, and if it is against the contract, make sure to respect that.
  • You are smoking in the unit. Whatever you do – keep smoking to the outside of your unit! Smoking indoors is not only unhealthy but is also a huge fire hazard and is extremely risky for you, other tenants and the landlord.
  • You are subletting without permission. The only people that should be living in the rented space are the ones included within the final contract. Make sure that you are not subletting to others under the landlord’s nose – which can result in eviction and fines.