Anyone who is working to sell their home is aware of how cluttered the real estate market is. There are hundreds of thousands of homes on the market – so how do you make yours stand out? As potential buyers are browsing the internet for their dream home, there is only one thing that makes them stop and click to find more information – the photos. The photos that you post while listing your home are so important to make sure that your home stands out and looks appealing. How your home is showcased online is essentially what gets people into your home to visit in the first place! So, how do you make sure that your home is listed in the most beautiful way possible? Here are a few different tips:

  • Focus on the good angles. When someone is taking a photo of you, you know exactly how to stand or pose, or what side of your face to showcase as “your good side.” Think of your home in the same exact way! For each room of your home, focus on the good angles of the room so it is marketed in the best way possible.
  • Make your rooms as bright as possible. If you have windows in your rooms, keep the blinds open! Let as much light pour into the room as possible so that potential buyers are able to see what it looks like light and bright. This will ensure that all parts of the room are able to be seen, so that way, when seeing the room in person, they will know exactly what to expect.
  • Declutter. No one wants to view photos of a home with a ton of clutter built up! Clean up your rooms as much as possible so they become more spacious and organized. This will allow for potential buyers to view a more clean-cut home, and not imagine it in a dirty or disorganized manner.