We are almost into the month of October, the month that is filled with haunted hayrides, corn mazes, apple and pumpkin picking and, last but not least, Halloween! Halloween is an exciting holiday for people of all ages, whether you are a young kid trick or treating, or a bit older and attending a Halloween party with family and friends. If you live in a neighborhood full of children, you know firsthand how busy Halloween night can get in terms of foot traffic and trick or treaters. That is why it is important to ensure that your home is prepped for success so that you can have an easy, carefree Halloween night. Here are some ways to prep your home: 

  • Inspect the outside of your home. It is important to walk around the exterior of your home to make sure that there is nothing hazardous that could negatively impact trick or treaters. Make sure there are no branches around anywhere that someone could trip on, or, if you have décor out, that there are no electrical cords visible.
  • Light up your walkway. Make sure that your walkway and front door and steps are well lit so that trick or treaters will not have a difficult time making their way up to your door. This is not only important for convenience, but for everyone’s safety as well. 
  • Be aware of the weather. Make sure that you look up the weather before the night of Halloween so that you are prepared with the proper decorations. Also, make sure none of your decorations are flammable, or could become flammable due to weather conditions. 
  • Get the candy ready! Last but not least, make sure that you are stocked up with the best candy that you can get your hands on, so you can keep up a great reputation on your street.