So, the time has finally come for you to purchase a new home, whether it is your very first home or a brand new one for your family to move into. When looking into new homes to purchase, the question of whether to purchase a built one or build your own runs through everyone’s mind. There are many pros and cons to purchasing a home that is already built, as well as going through the process of building your own home. If you are stuck between the two options and having trouble figuring out which is best for you and your circumstances, here are some pros and cons of building your own home laid out to help guide you:

Pro Tip 1: You are the very first owner. What is better than living in a home that is brand new and has never been lived in?! If you choose to build your own home, you and your family will be the very first people to walk in and live day-to-day lives there.

Con Tip 1: It may take longer to move in. Because you are creating the home from scratch, it may take a bit longer for everything to get built out and for you and your family to be able to live there. If you are in a rush to move, building may not be the best option for you.

Pro Tip 2: You can customize and create it to your liking. If you choose to build your own home, you can make decisions every step of the way as to what works best for you. Building your own home means customizing each and every inch exactly how you have always dreamed of!

Con Tip 2: You will not be able to negotiate pricing as much. Since you are building from the bottom up, it may be more difficult for you to be able to negotiate pricing, given the fact that the home is completely custom-made.

Pro Tip 3: You will not have to worry about big repairs at the start. Since everything is brand new, you will likely not have to worry about putting out any money for big repairs for the interior or exterior of the home.

Con Tip 3: Do not forget about all the landscaping costs. Because you are building on fresh land, you may need to put out some extra cash to get all the landscaping in order, which would not necessarily be an expense if you decided to purchase a home that is already fully built out.