Everyone dreads the colder months for a large variety of reasons, including having to ramp up their heat bill to stay warm and comfortable. If you are looking for a new way to stay warm and are considering some renovations, check out radiant heated flooring – specifically for your bathroom. Getting out of the tub or shower in the winter no longer has to be a chilly experience! Here are some benefits to installing radiant heated flooring: 

  • You will not experience drafts. First and foremost, you can say goodbye to feeling any drafts when it comes to your regular heating system. Radiant heated floors can heat a room and floor in the same fashion, which will feel more comfortable. 
  • There is very little maintenance. Luckily with radiant heated floors, there is very little maintenance to be had once they are installed. And, most companies offer great warranty programs, so if anything needs to be fixed or changed, it will likely be covered. 
  • There is no noise associated. With radiant heated floors, you will not hear any noise when they are turned on or running. Other than the warmth, you will not notice they are even on! 
  • They don’t disturb any dust. With a lot of air and heat systems, they will blow air which ultimately affects allergens and moves dust around. These floors do not disturb any dust so you do not have to worry about any allergy issues.