Halloween night is something that kids look forward to all year round – and adults, as well! From planning Halloween parties to what costume you are going to wear, there is a lot of excitement around Halloween. There is often so much excitement that it can become easy to forget about the key and important safety tips that you must remember during a night out trick-or-treating. As you are preparing to take your kids out, here are some things that you should keep in mind: 

  • Walk as safe as possible. First, make sure that while you are walking, you are doing so as safe as possible. Make an effort to only cross the street at corners and to use cross walks and traffic signals as they are available. And of course, look both left and right before you cross the street, and urge your kids to do this as well. 
  • Put your phone down. Everyone is guilty of looking at their phone too much as they are walking, making it extremely difficult to fully be aware of all of your surroundings. When out with the kids, keep your phone in your pocket so you can be fully engaged and aware of any moving vehicles or roadblocks in your way. 
  • Use reflective tape. If you can, incorporate some reflective tape into your kids’ costumes so that they are easily visible especially as it becomes completely dark. This makes it easier for drivers to see exactly where trick-or-treaters are. 
  • Give your kids glow sticks. Give each kid trick-or-treating a few glow sticks to hang on their neck, wrists and even to hold. Not only are glow sticks fun, but a great way to be sure that you can keep tabs on everyone’s whereabouts. 
  • Slow down. Whether you are out walking with kids or you are driving around on Halloween night, make a conscious effort to slow down!