Every landlord wants to ensure that they have all the necessary rules in place for their tenants, while still operating in a friendly, civil manner. Most landlords have great relationships with their tenants, some just from a business standpoint, and some personally as well! No matter how friendly you are with your tenants and how much you get along with them, it is important to make sure that the rules that you have in place are followed, and that if they are broken, the necessary consequences are given. There are a lot of different rules that you can have in place, but there are some specifically that you should put your foot down for, more than others. Here are some things that you should not allow (ever!) from tenants:

  • Smoking. Having your tenants smoke indoors is a safety hazard in terms of fire within the house, but also a safety hazard in terms of the smoke setting into the walls of the home. Once your tenant begins smoking indoors, it will be extremely difficult to remove the smell from the home, which will ultimately affect your ability to lease in the future.
  • Having pets when they are not allowed. If you clearly stated that pets are not allowed within the house, then you must ensure that no pets, including dogs, cats or others, are living there. Make sure that your tenants respect the rule, and if they request to have an animal inside of the house, let them know that is something that can be discussed down the line, if you are open to it in the future.
  • Sloppy and/or dirty living. Everyone has different living habits in terms of cleanliness, but if you notice that your tenants are downright sloppy and dirty, then it is time to speak up. You want to make sure that your tenants are respectful of the surroundings inside and outside of the home, and that they are taking care of the place as if it was their own.