If you have been a homeowner for several years, you most likely know the do’s and don’ts of what it means to be a good neighbor. And, you most likely learned these through your own experiences of having neighbors and being one as well. Neighbors play a huge role in how content and overall happy people are living in their neighborhood and home. That is why if you are a neighbor, it is extremely important that you showcase proper neighbor etiquette to make your neighbors feel as comfortable and safe as possible. If you need to brush up on your neighbor skills, we have pulled together some of the most important tips that you should keep in mind daily, to be the best neighbor you can be:

  • Don’t make too much noise. First and foremost, make sure that you are not constantly making a lot of noise, especially when it gets later at night. Everyone has different schedules when it comes to their career and families, so you must be respectful.
  • Don’t forget to return anything you borrow. If you have a good relationship with a neighbor, chances are you may stop by from time to time to borrow something. Be sure to remember to return the item that you have borrowed promptly, or when you say you will, so your neighbor knows they can rely on you.
  • Don’t gossip. As you get to know more and more of your neighbors, you may learn more about their families and lifestyle. Part of being a good neighbor is protecting your neighbors, and that means staying away from any gossip about them that you may hear or be asked of.
  • Be responsible for your pets. If you have pets, make sure that you are responsible for them. For example, if you have dogs, you want to be sure they are not digging up anything in your neighbor’s yards!

Overall, being a good neighbor is something that you will learn more about as time goes on, and eventually will become part of your instinct!