Today, many people can work remotely from their homes, either during certain days of the week, or even permanently! If you work from home often, or run your own business from your home, you may be interested in creating a designated office space where you can get into “work mode” and spend your day working with little to no distractions. If you do not currently have an office space in your home, you may be wondering where to start! Here are a few tips to building your very own perfect work space in the comfort of your own home.

Designate a specific room. If possible, try to designate a specific room within the house for your work space. If you can find a room that has a door, it will be easier to become less distracted while working or during conference calls.

Take comfort into consideration. When looking at designing your space, you may become inspired by beautiful, boutique-looking office spaces on Pinterest. While you’re dreaming of your perfect space, don’t forget to take comfort into consideration. You will be spending a good chunk of each week day in this space, so make sure you find furniture, such as an office chair, that is both clean-cut and comfortable for your back!

Have a balance of natural and lamp lighting. If your space has windows – utilize them! Use natural light when you can to brighten the room, but do not forget to purchase some lamps so that you are covered with lighting during the darker hours of the work day.

Use wall storage. If your space is on the smaller side, try mounting some shelves to the wall so that you can store important books and files higher up to free more space up within the room itself.

Don’t forget about ergonomic rules. Your physical health is extremely important – be sure to not forget about ergonomic rules and make sure that your desk is set up so that your back and neck are straight, and your arms are parallel along with the floor. This is the best way to avoid back pain! If possible, you may even want to give a standing desk a try!