The kitchen in your home is a very central area – a place where people not only quickly grab food from the fridge, but also sit down for family dinners, gather for events, and ultimately make memories! Everyone has an image of what their perfect, dream kitchen looks like, and unfortunately, it is not always affordable. If you are looking to change up your kitchen but do not want to splurge on an entire remodel, there is good news! There are many small upgrades and changes that you can make in your kitchen that will slowly but surely build the kitchen that you have always wanted. Here are a few ways that you can upgrade your kitchen, on a budget!

  • Paint. Repainting is a great way to change up the vibe of the room and make it look good as new. Not to mention, you can even do it yourself! You can not only repaint the walls, but also repaint your cabinets, which will give an entirely new theme to the kitchen.
  • Update your lighting. There are a lot of ways to get creative with lighting. You can even install lighting underneath your cabinets for an extra touch. Explore some different options for wall lights, recessed lights or surface lights, depending on what is best for your specific room.
  • Install open shelving. A great way to not only create more storage for your kitchen, but also add to empty wall space, is to install open shelving. The shelves will be great to hold beautiful glassware, plates, or even your favorite cookbooks!
  • Upgrade your hardware. Your hardware in your kitchen may be a bit outdated, which means it is the perfect time to upgrade it to make it look more modern and refreshed. Figure out exactly how many pulls and knobs you will need for your cabinet hardware, and then you can begin to explore different materials such as bronze, stainless steel, marble or solid brass!

Making small upgrades to your kitchen day by day will allow you to upgrade on a budget and be on your way to the remodel you have always hoped for!